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General provisions

  1. All the manuscripts submitted for publication are mandatorily sent for internal peer review on purpose of experts evaluation.
  2. If the article does not comply with the journal requirements it will not be reviewed and will be returned to the author with specified rejection reasons.
  3. This regulation establishes the terms and conditions of the review, the requirements and deadlines of the review team.

Review Procedure

  1. Internal review is anonymous (double-blind peer review): reviewers are not aware of the authors name and title, and the author is not aware about same data of reviewers. The requirement of anonimous review can be bypassed, if the reviewer prefers to present his/her considerations directly to the author and offer concrete improvements suggestions for article personally.
  2. Each article will be presented to two internal reviews. In the case of one unfavorable verdict, the article would be sent for the third review. Double unfavorable verdicts make the editorial board to stop further reviews, and that decision is not subject for later revision.
  3. As a result of reviewing:
    • The article could be accepted for publishing without any changes.
    • The article could be accepted for publication with minor changes, then the author is given 3 days to revise the comments.
    • The article could be accepted for publication after essential changes, then the author is given 5 days to revise the comments and work on them after which by the decision of the editorial board the article is sent to secondary review.
    • The article could be rejected.
  4. The publication decision is made by the editorial board of the journal on the basis of two positive verdicts.
  5. The reviews are kept in the editorial office for up to 5 years and can be submitted to the RA Ministry of Science and Education upon request.


Members of the editorial board of the journal are reviewers, as well as doctors of science whose academic specialization are relevant to the subject matter. They review following the reviewing publication ethics rules (link .....).

Review dates

  1. The article will be reviewed after submission to the editorial office.
  2. The reviwer should present his/her verdict concerning the publication of the article within 14 days․
  3. On the basis of reviewers request the time can be prolonged for not more than 5 days.

External revie

  1. By the authors initiative the article could be submitted also to external review. In this case at least 3 verdicts are required.
  2. External reviewers should possess a doctoral level in the scientific field of the submitted article.
  3. External reviewers should work in some scientific or scientific pedagogical organization.
  4. The signature of the reviewer should be approved by the seal of the organization where he/she works.
  5. The review should include working contacts of the reviewer.